Like most business owners, I started off using Wordpress too. I loved the ease of starting a Wordpress site, and the familiarity of its CMS for non-tech folks.

But it became clear very quickly that it was a pain having to juggle the constant updates between the Wordpress version, plugins and the theme. A careless Wordpress version update might stop your plugin from working. Similarly, an unwitting plugin update might create problems with your theme. Not updating isn't a good move either, for fear of security holes, meaning hacks, meaning downtime. For any profitable business, we all know downtime = loss of revenue and trust. Maintaining all the required Wordpress plugins to keep my site secure and functional also meant slow page loads, and a perpetual uphill task of keeping it zippy. All these means maintenance is a job in itself, taking precious time and focus away from your business. Outsourcing maintenance to a developer or agency is a solution, but a potentially costly one.

I thought, why pay for all that busy work? How can I continue to have the same ease of use and familiarity, but with none of the flaws? With JAMstack, I didn't have to worry about maintenance and speed anymore, while still having a CMS to easily make edits to my site.

Wordpress is a dinosaur. JAMstack is the next evolution.